What is Seafast?

Seafast is an annual event at Seaquam Secondary that has been a long running tradition. All the proceeds go to a different charity each year, this year it is Because I am A girl and the proceeds will be going towards water sanitation for third world countries.

Seafast is an EXCELLENT way of meeting new people and it is a lot of fun every year and it is always a night to remember. The way that seafast works is that students come in after school on Friday and once everyone is checked in that is when the fast starts and students are expected to fast for 24 hours. However, as hard as it sounds there are activities going on throughout the school all night long, including Miss Famine as a streamline event. There are going to be sporting tournaments in the gym along with video game tournaments in the library, a huge scavenger hunt along with mini games and movies. Students are not bored for even a minute, it is a very interactive event.


Date: February 10 - 11, 2017

To register for Seafast, students need to pay $15 for admission and this covers a t-shirt, food, and general costs.
Furthermore, for the charity students also have to fundraise $35 that will go directly to the charity. Although, this seems difficult and time consuming, IT IS NOT!! For example, students can ask family members, or friends, or even go around and explain the cause and even if everyone donates $1 it adds up and in no time there is an accumulation of $35! It is a small price to pay for a night full of fun activities and to help people in need!
If you want to signup please fill out the form (click here) and submit it. There is also a permission slip and pledge form that will be given to students who have signed up. These will need to be filled out and brought in with the money collected along with admission. The pledge forms will be due in January so it is a good idea to get a head start during winter break! We will be contacting you throughout the time between the event with updates for meetings and etc. so please check your emails!

We hope to see you there!