Welcome to Seaquam Secondary School


Please open the attachement as it contains important information about the school startup.  Enjoy the rest of the summer and we look forward to see students September 5. 



Student schedule are now visible (5pm Wed. Aug 23) on Parent/Student Connect.  One the first day of classes we will not be handing out student schedules.  Students should be coming to school the first week of school with a copy of their most current schedule.  Seaquam is suggesting that just prior to the school start that you print a copy of your schedule.  For homerooms please check on Friday, September 2 to see what their homeroom will be – it will be a room number.


If you would like to request changes to a schedule please click on the appropriate grade link and fill out the form. 

Grade 8  |  Grade 9  |  Grade 10  |  Grade 11  |  Grade 12  |

Starting the week before school starts the counsellors will be referring to these forms to address student schedule concerns.  We will not be accepting phone calls or e-mails to the counsellors.  This form is the only means of making a request.  DO NOT SUBMIT DUPLICATE REQUESTS.

If Counsellors can make a change they will do so.  Please check Student/Parent Connect to see if changes have been made.  Counsellors will only contact Students if more information is required. Please be patient.  Not all requests will be fulfilled. 

Changes to Students' timetables WILL NOT BE MADE for the following reasons:

* Change of an elective unless it meets one of the priority requirements below

* Specific teacher requests

* Retaking a course to attempt to achieve a higher mark.

The following circumstances will be given priority for changes:

* Date the form was submitted

* Graduation requirements

* Incomplete Timetables

* Courses required for post-secondary applications


Seaquam has a new app that is available for both IOS and Android devices.  Go to thier respective stores and search "Seaquam Secondary" and you should find it.  This new app has been developed by the agenda book company that we use.  This app has many great features: calendar, schedules (set manually by the student initially), news feed, push notifications from the district and school, school handbook, teacher channels etc.  Very worthwhile for students and parents to use.  Attached is more information. 


With the schedule now being visible please check if your child has any outstanding fees from last year.  The school is open now from 8am-2pm for you to come in and take care of any fees.  It would be greatly appreciated if you would do this before the school year begins.

School Summer Office Hours

Monday - Friday 8am - 2 pm

Grads of 2017 - Your Dogwood certificate is now available for pick up in the school office. 

Dropping of and Picking up Students at Seaquam

This is a reminder to parents about dropping off and picking up of your students.  Between 8am and 4pm picking up and dropping off of students in the school parking lots IS NOT PERMITTED.  This is a safety issue. If you need to drop off or pick up your student please do so on Lyon Rd or further away from the school.  When driving down or parking on Lyon Rd please do not do U Turns.  This is dangerous for other motorists as well as students crossing the road.  Also, please observe the speed limits in school zones and be watchful of students crossing at the crosswalk.