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Interact Club's Winter Warm Up Holiday Drive

The Interact Club is holding a Winter Warm Up Holiday Drive from December 3rd to 15th for victims of homelessness and domestic violence in our local community. The Club will be collecting lightly used clothing, hygiene products such as toothpaste and shampoo as well as household items such as blankets. Donations boxes will be located in Block E Classes. Join Interact in this noble cause and help spread the spirit of giving to Seaquam this holiday Season! Please click here for more information.


Grad Clothing Order

Please click on the link to order your Grad Clothing. Orders are due December 19th.



Grad Photos

The website is open for you to book your appointment for the Grad Photo and will soon be open for your Friendship Group Photo through Artona.

Grad Photos will be done from January 10 - 26, 2018 here at Seaquam in Artona's mobile studio. Friendship Group Photos will be done in the Seaquam Cafeteria on Wednesday, February 7th from 3:30-8:30pm.

Please go to the website listed below to book your appointment.



Graduation 2017/18 Dogwood Planner Now Available Online

The Ministry has released the 2017/2018 Dogwood Planner, an annual document published for BC secondary students that answers common questions students may have as they approach graduation. Please click here for the Dogwood Planner.

Christmas Cookie and Teacher Mug Appreciation Fundraiser

The Core Class is having a Christmas Cookie and Teacher Mug Appreciation Fundraiser to raise money for pediatric cancer research. Do you have a teacher who you would like to thank for being AWESOME? An EA who is always there when you need some extra help? Support staff in the school who make life easier for all of us? A peer tutor? A best friend? Now is your opportunity to show them that you APPRECIATE everything they do for you! You can also choose from 5 different types of cookies that we will bake in our very own cafe and gift wrap specially for you.

Thank you for supporting our class fundraising efforts to raise money for pediatric cancer! All funds raised from our Cookie and Mug Appreciation sales will go directly to BC Children's Hopital. Please click here for more information and the pre-order forms for the Cookie order (due December 11) and the Mug order (due December 14).

The Flash taping at Seaquam

In September, The Flash was at Seaquam filming. For those who may have missed it or who may not have known, The Flash, Season 4, Episode 7 "Therefore I Am" which aired Tuesday, November 21 included what was filmed at Seaquam. For those who are curious to see the Seaquam Theatre transformed into a lecture hall at Central City University, please click on the following links.





Grads vs Staff Games

Student sign up

Seaquam Recognition Award

The Seaquam staff has developed a weekly student award to recognize positive contributions to our school community and learning. Staff will recognize students on a weekly basis and every Friday we will recognize 1 student for their contribution and others will be recognized as Honourable Mention. To begin this initiative, we have recognized these students for their positive contributions to our school community.

Congratulations to:
Abnash (grade 11) recognized for organizing a district sustainability conference that over 100 students attended.
Clayton (grade 12) recognized for being a peer tutor in PE. He does an incredible job.
Dylan (grade 10) has become a significant leader around the basketball culture at our school. He is continually a positive influence around the other students on the basketball teams and in the gym. 
Victoria (grade 12) recognized for reminding us to honour and respect the land of her ancestors as part of the Remembrance Day Ceremony.
Liam (grade  9) recognized for being a continual help in Mr. Campbell's PE 11 class. He has been extremely positive and an excellent influence on students who struggle to remain engaged.
Kisa (grade 11) recognized for organizing the halloween movie night and presenting at the principals meeting
Harmin (grade 12) recognized for his courage and enthusiasm with his dance performances during Diwali Celbrations over the years
Ella (grade 9) recognized for her collection in the community of $200 to donate to the Terry Fox Run Foundation
Mark (grade 12) recognized for his help in the Career Centre with planning and setting up major events like the Canadian Universities Fair
Each of them will receive a $5.00 Gift Certificate to the Cafeteria.


IF YOU MISSED FEE COLLECTION DAY, please stop by the office to make your payments. Cash or cheques (made payable to Seaquam Secondary). Please include student numbers on cheques.


Seaquam has a new app that is available for both IOS and Android devices.  Go to thier respective stores and search "Seaquam Secondary" and you should find it.  This new app has been developed by the agenda book company that we use.  This app has many great features: calendar, schedules (set manually by the student initially), news feed, push notifications from the district and school, school handbook, teacher channels etc.  Very worthwhile for students and parents to use.  Attached is more information. 


Dropping off and Picking up Students at Seaquam

This is a reminder to parents about dropping off and picking up of your students.  Between 8am and 4pm picking up and dropping off of students in the school parking lots IS NOT PERMITTED.  This is a safety issue. If you need to drop off or pick up your student please do so on Lyon Rd or further away from the school.  When driving down or parking on Lyon Rd please do not do U Turns.  This is dangerous for other motorists as well as students crossing the road.  Also, please observe the speed limits in school zones and be watchful of students crossing at the crosswalk.