What is Seafast?

Seafast is an annual event at Seaquam Secondary that has been a long running tradition. All the proceeds go to a different charity each year.

Seafast is an EXCELLENT way of meeting new people and it is a lot of fun every year and it is always a night to remember. The way that seafast works is that students come in after school  and once everyone is checked in this is when the fast starts and students are expected to fast for 24 hours. However, as hard as it sounds there are activities going on throughout the school all night long, including the Talent Show as a streamline event. There are going to be sporting tournaments in the gym along with video game tournaments in the library, a huge scavenger hunt along with mini games and movies. Students are not bored for even a minute, it is a very interactive event.

We are unsure if this event will go forward for the 2023/24 but hope to continue this event in future years. More details soon.