April 21

Solutions Society is hosting a bingo event after school on Thursday, April 27th and Friday, April 28th to raise money for cancer research. Early bird tickets can be purchased for $3 during lunch in the cafeteria and $5 at the door. In addition, monetary donations will be welcomed and appreciated. All proceeds and donations will be given to the BC Cancer Foundation to advance and accelerate cancer care.

Today student council is having a Vaisakhi celebration in the cafeteria during lunch time. A reminder that there will be a samosa sale as well as a jalebi sale. Samosas will be $1.00 and jalebi will be $2.00. There will be a henna booth set up as well. Cultural music will be played along with a photo booth set up for anyone wanting to take pics in their cultural outfits!

Attention all burger lovers! Do you dream about burgers day and night? Do you wake up in the middle of the night craving that juicy, meaty goodness? Well, you’re in luck! Our school store is now selling McDonald’s cheeseburgers and Junior Chickens that are sure to satisfy even the most insatiable cravings. So come on down Friday and get your burger fix today. And who knows, maybe your dreams will be a little less burger-centric tonight!