February 21

Today’s Black Brilliance info is about Donovan Bailey, one of the greatest sprinters of all time. He has held the world record for the 100-metre dash, and the title of World Champion and Olympic Champion. Many people around the world called him “The World’s Fastest Man.” Canadians were proud when this Jamaican-born athlete dominated the field at the 1996 Olympic Games, winning gold in the 100 metre and the 4 x 100-metre relay. After retiring from competitive racing in 2001, he began a successful career in the business world.

For anyone who missed the information meetings about the trip to Italy trip last week, we are having one more meeting today at lunch today in room 1416.

Grade 8 ultimate frisbee tryouts! Wednesday and Friday after school 3pm – 4:30pm on the lower back field. Everyone is welcome!

For Tuesday, Feb 21: A reminder to students who are registered for the Pascal, Cayley, and Fermat math contests that the contest is tomorrow, Wednesday, February 23 in the Seaquam theatre at 8:15 am. Plan to arrive at 8:00.

Any girls interested in playing senior volleyball next year please come to a meeting on Friday at lunch in room 1102.

Hey everyone, get ready to step back in time and experience the sights and sounds of World War ONE! Tomorrow, Wednesday, Feb. 22, before school at 9 am, the library is hosting an exclusive exhibit of artifacts from the Canadian War Museum.

You’ll get up close and personal with the tools, uniforms, and belongings of soldiers who fought on the front lines. You’ll even get to see rare photographs of Canadian soldiers in action!

This is your chance to learn about a pivotal time in Canadian history and see some really cool stuff. Visit the library tomorrow morning before school and join us for this one-of-a-kind experience. See you there!

Last weekend our robotics teams competed at two final qualifying events and had some serious success. Our grade 11’s: Artemis, Thishan, and Tariq from 9181V earned the Skills Champions award, the Tournament Champions Award and the Amaze award. Our grade 12’s: Josh, Michael Yang, Michael Yang, and Vincent from 9181M earned the Excellence award. And our grade 10’s: Adieel, Sidhak, Gurshabad, and Tim from 9181T earned the Design Award. Seaquam took home all the top awards at the event and now these three teams are qualified for the Regional Championship on March 4th! Congratulations to all of them for their incredible effort this season. Meanwhile, our grade 8’s Chelsea, Sanya, and Jaspreet from 9181D had a strong showing at their tournament on Monday and earned the Amaze award.

Any grade 10 or 11 students interested in studying Baking & Pastry Arts next year, please see Mr. Nikic today or by noon tomorrow.