May 5

Do you want to watch a play during your Block C and D classes? Seaquam Musical Theatre Company is presenting Newsies on Wednesday, May 10, exclusively to Seaquam students. The tickets are sold at lunch in the Cafeteria at a hugely discounted price. You can get a ticket for yourself for $8 or buy two tickets for Wednesday’s show for $10…this is over 70% savings of the regular ticket price!!! Come out and support your Seahawks Theatre!!

Hey Seahawks, Seaquam board games club is introducing a new game called “Settlers of Catan”. If you wish to play this game with your friends come to the library this Friday after school. Don’t be late.

“Are you tired of the same old boring fundraisers? Well, have no fear because McDonald’s is here! Come and enjoy a delicious cheeseburger or chicken burger, and know that you’re making a difference in our school. It’s like winning the lottery, except instead of money, you get a tasty burger!”  Friday..Hawk Shop!