Schedules and Course Request Changes


The below Google forms will be closing on Friday, September 27.  Any additional change requests after Friday please contact counsellor via email.


If you would like to request changes to a schedule please click on the appropriate grade link and fill out the form.

Grade 8  |  Grade 9  |  Grade 10  |  Grade 11  |  Grade 12  |

Starting the week before school starts the counsellors will be referring to these forms to address student schedule concerns.  We will not be accepting phone calls or e-mails to the counsellors.  This form is the only means of making a request.  DO NOT SUBMIT DUPLICATE REQUESTS.

If Counsellors can make a change they will do so.  Please check Student/Parent Connect to see if changes have been made.  Counsellors will only contact Students if more information is required. Please be patient.  Not all requests will be fulfilled.

Changes to Students’ timetables WILL NOT BE MADE for the following reasons:

* Change of an elective unless it meets one of the priority requirements below

* Specific teacher requests

* Retaking a course to attempt to achieve a higher mark.

The following circumstances will be given priority for changes:

* Date the form was submitted

* Graduation requirements

* Incomplete Timetables

* Courses required for post-secondary applications