Seaquam Food Drive a Big Success!

Nov 6

This year, Solutions Society’s annual We Scare Hunger food drive came with a twist. Instead of competing with other classes for the most number of food items collected, we challenged each class to raise enough food to feed a typical family of four for a day, which equates to about 16 food items. Congratulations to the following classes for collecting at least 16 items: Mr. De Pieri, Ms. Benabo, Mr. Onukwulu, Mr. Wang, Ms. Mostert, Ms. Stephenson, Ms. Caldecott, and Mr. Minicelli. Surrey Food Bank is very excited to receive the food and money donations from our generous school community.

As an aside, some classes, such as Ms Benabo’s classes and Mr. Wang’s class took on side competition to try to collect the most food and money donations they could. For those of you who are curious to find out the result of the competition, you’ll never believe this, but it turned out that after counting all the cans and money it turned out to be a tie with about 1400 items each.  We have gotten so many donations, we are still in the process of counting them all, so stay tuned for the final count!