Smoking and Vaping on School Grounds

This message is intended to remind students and families that Delta schools are a Tobacco Free Environment which includes emissions from e-cigarettes/vaporizers. The district policy states:

Administrative Procedures 162

Tobacco use and smoking are addictive practices and tobacco use in the school and work environments is not conducive to good health. Activity mimicking smoking behaviours as in the use of e-cigarettes, also are not conducive to good health.  

  1. Smoking and the use of tobacco in all its forms is prohibited on any District owned or leased property, within any District owned or leased building, or within any District owned or leased vehicle.

1.1 This prohibition applies to all staff, students, visitors, facility renters and users, contractors and other members of the public at all times, including evenings and weekends.

  1. Although considered as part of a smoking cessation alternative, all procedures applying to tobacco use under 1 above, are also extended to cover electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes).

Students are asked not to smoke or use e-cigarettes/vaporizers on school property and must be off of school property if they wish to participate in this behavior. In the past, students were permitted to smoke or use e-cigarettes in a designated area on school property. We have been asked by the district to follow the district policy outlined above. If students contravene the policy, there may be consequences for their behavior.

Students should seek help from their Counsellor if they wish to obtain information on the hazards of tobacco use and smoking or support to quit.