School Access – Map

Please look at the updated “School Map” for the hallway traffic flow this year. The movement in the hallways will strictly be enforced and it is necessary that everyone follows the arrows on the floor! Please respect the Social Distancing rules (remain at least 6 feet apart when feasible) and limit your time spent in the hallways – get to your destination in the quickest manner as possible.

Starting on September 8th, 2020, Seaquam will have designated entry and exit points. In total, there will be three entry doors in the front of the school (Main Entrance, North Gym Entrance, and Theatre Hallway Entrance next to room #1102) and one entry door from the rear next to outside basketball courts (East Entrance next to Woodworking Room #1550).

Students will be allowed to park their vehicles in the rear parking lot, but there will be NO access to the building for students from this area. All students who are parking their vehicle in the rear parking lot will be required to use the four designated Entry points when accessing the building.

Please click here for directional school map