Attendance And Punctuality

Regular and punctual attendance is fundamental to success at school. Students should always be in class, on time, unless there is a justifiable reason for absence. Occasionally, students must miss classes for unavoidable reasons such as illness or emergencies. If a student is to be absent from school, a parent must contact the school by email – or by phone – 604-591-6166 as soon as possible to advise the school of the absence. The teachers of that student will be informed of the excused absence by seeing it on their class attendance.


It is recommended that medical, dental and other appointments be made outside of school time. Students who are leaving early must be excused by a parent or guardian. Students are not able to excuse themselves. When a student signs out at the office, it will be checked for an excused dismissal. When returning from the appointment students must sign in at the office.

Attendance Reporting

Attendance is taken in each class by teachers. Students who are absent without reason will have an email sent. Families can also review attendance information on Parent Connect under the Attendance Tab. The district has developed a new reporting symbol for students in Hybrid courses. The symbol “O” refers to offsite for those students who are enrolled in a hybrid class, but they are not present as it is not their turn for in class instruction.


Students who are late should sign in at the office, then report directly to their class.


For absences of only a few days, parents are asked to make direct contact with their child’s classroom teachers or classmates to deal with missed work.  If a student will be away from school for an extended period of time due to illness, a parent should contact teachers to arrange for homework to be picked up.

Absences Due To Family Vacations

To ensure that our students miss as little time as possible from school, we ask for parents’ cooperation in scheduling family holidays outside of school time.  The school is not in a position to grant or deny permission to any students to leave school early for family holidays. The decision is the parents’. We ask, however, that such students plan work ahead sufficiently so that they complete their course obligations and thereby minimize the effect on their final standing. Please be aware that teachers cannot be expected to reteach concepts that were taught when students miss school because of a family vacation.  It will be the responsibility of the student to get caught up upon return to school.  We suggest that the student identify a “buddy” in each of their classes who will take notes, collect handouts and be prepared to go over what has been missed with the vacationing student.

Accidents And Illness

If you become ill or get injured during class time, notify the classroom teacher who will assist you. If illness or injury occurs outside of the classroom, report to the office, or have someone notify a staff member or the office. If your condition is serious, your parents will be notified. If your parents cannot be contacted, the school administration will arrange for medical attention. Students are not permitted to leave for home when ill until their parents have been contacted by the office.

Parents may purchase voluntary accident insurance, which covers participants in both curricular and extra-curricular activities sponsored by the school.