Awards 2020

At Seaquam Secondary, we continue to broaden the scope of recognition with a focus on learning, achievement, volunteerism and extra-curricular participation. Although this has not been a typical school year, we are virtually recognizing the excellence our students have demonstrated in a variety of areas at school. Our video is adapting the celebration from the traditional face-to-face recognition evening to a more individualized and remote celebration. In it, we are recognizing outstanding achievements of students in the areas of academics, service, sport and departmental awards.

Please see the link:

Additionally, we would like to recognize the students who made it to our Honor Roll List (minimum 86% GPA) or Principal’s List (minimum 90% GPA).

Certificates have been printed, please pick up your certificates the first week of September when Ms. Akiyama is available.

Awards Criteria

Honour Roll and Principal’s List Criteria

Only Seaquam courses will be considered.

Principal’s List:
Grades 8 & 9 – 90% average in all courses
Grade 10 – 90% average in best 7 courses
Grades 11 & 12 – 90% average in best 6 courses

Honour Roll:
Grades 8 – 10 = 86% average in all courses
Grades 11 – 12 = 86% average in best 6 courses

G Award:
Grades 8 – 10 = 7 G’s and no N’s
Grade 11 = 6 G’s and no N’s
Grade 12 = 5 G’s and no N’s