GRAD 2023

Grad Newsletter May 24, 2023

SE Grad Newsletter – May 24 2023

2023 Red Carpet Arrival Times


  • Arrive on time to avoid long line-ups. We want to maximize your time for photos with friends and family.
  • You do not have to be attending the reception or banquet to participate in red carpet. All grads are welcome to participate in red carpet, even if for some reason you are not on this list!
  • Family will be permitted inside the ropes to take photos when it is each grad’s turn to

walk the carpet.

  • Reminders:
  • There is no parking in the school parking lots. They are closed for the event.
  • Wear sunscreen






3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 20, 23, 24, 25




Ajeet Chahal

Sahib Thandi

Christian Villanueva

Lina Liang

Umar Ismail

Maria Tomlinson





1, 6, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17

18, 22, 26








2, 7, 9, 15, 19, 21




Cosimo Song

Eva Sun

If you notice a problem in the above, please email or see Mrs. Bauman (Rm 2007).  


Commencement Quotes Required Immediately!!

On the evening of the Grad Commencement, each grad will have their name called and photo displayed during their 15 seconds on stage.  In that moment, a staff member will read a short statement about what that student’s future plans are or state perhaps thanking the people responsible for getting them to this milestone. We request that each grad reflects on their journey and their next steps and captures that in a short statement to be read.  Our expectation is that this statement is respectful and positive and adds to the general celebratory vibe of the evening.  Consider connecting with a teacher if you are not sure if your comment meets that expectation.  Keep the comment short and around 3 sentences max.


Due immediately!   – Any students who do not contribute a statement will have a generic comment read in its place.


Grad Red Carpet 2023

Grad Red Carpet 2023 Student Overview

Grad Newsletter 2023

SE Grad Newsletter – April 2023

Grad Photos February 16-27

To Book Grad Photos by Artona please use the following link

Grad Parent Letter

grad 2022-23 parent letter Sept 26

Grade 12 September Assembly Presentation

Please find below links to the presentations given to the 2023 Grads on Tuesday September 20, 2022.

Gr 12 Presentation

Gr 12 Information


Grad Boat Cruise

Please see attached letter to parents.

SE Boat Cruise letter to Parents 22-23 


Page will be updated as information is provided:

Please see below for the information on the Grade 12 Parent Night Presentation

Parent Night Presentation

Robinson Gr 12 Parent meeting

Costin Gr 12 Parent meeting

Gehiere Gr 12 Parent meeting


Dry Grad 


What is Dry Grad?

Dry Grad is an event which provides students with a safe, drug and alcohol-free environment to celebrate their graduation. It is a fully supervised fun event, sponsored by the Parents, where the grads can party with their friends, be entertained and participate in a fun-filled, action-packed night of celebration.

When is it?

Grads will be taken from the hotel to the Rec Centre by bus with Grade 11 Parent chaperones and from then on will be the Grad Committees responsibility with help from current Grade 11 parents who will supervise the Dry Grad overnight .

The Dry Grad will begin at 10.30pm and will end at 4am ( times to be confirmed )
There are no in and out privileges at the Dry Grad . We have security organized and parents will be called to collect any Grad who is under the influence of alcohol or anything else . Obviously we trust this will not be necessary.

At the end Grads must be picked up by a parent or another Grads parent. No one will be allowed to leave alone. Again this is to ensure you get home safely.

Who is organizing this event?

PARENTS/FAMILIES of the graduating class are the primary organizers however they welcome volunteers from the Grade 11 class as well. There are a number of committees who still need volunteers and there is definitely a job that suits every parent.

Who to Contact on the Dry Grad Committee

Dry Grad email:

Chair:  Elaine Owsnett

Treasurer: Don Abeywardena

Social Media:  Krista Barrett

Donations/Fundraising:  Ramen Saggu, Kim Houghton, Stacey Coughlin

Decorations: Diana Mather

Food: Raj Binning, Marnie Ghag

Grad Showcase:  Carmen Caelian, Ramen Saggu, Jeremy Coughlin 


We have a website that provides latest updates and information on tickets, events and fundraisers (some ongoing) with a bit more detail.

Facebook page:

We have a Facebook page (Seaquam Dry Grad 2023) that we update with upcoming meetings, events, and fundraisers. Let us know if you’d like to be added!

Thank you for your support to make this year the best it can be .