Deltalearns Accounts

Creating a student GAFE account:

Signing in to your Deltalearns Google Account

Creating a Deltalearns Account at Home

Below are the steps and solutions to the most common creation and login problems to GAFE accounts. Many questions can be answered on our FAQ page:

1. Parents’ Consent in Parent Connect
2. Next Day (required overnight update)
3. Students login to Student Connect:
4. Agree to AUA (if the Acceptable Use Agreement pop up does not appear immediately, the student has agreed to the AUA in the past. They can then move on to step 8)
5. Sign Out
6. Wait 1 hour
7. Student signs back in to Student Connect
8. Student changes Password (Min 5 characters, max 10 characters)
9. Student logs out of Student Connect
10. Wait 5 to 10 Minutes
11. Student signs in to Google at
(first name, first initial of last name, last three digits of student number i.e. Santa Claus 12345 would be

For more detailed instructions go to: