Provincial Assessments

Numeracy Assessments

In November, January, April and June our grade 10 students will be expected to write both the Province’s Numeracy and Literacy assessments. These assessments are a graduation requirement for all students.

The Numeracy assessment is not tied to a specific Math course, but rather it evaluates a student’s numeracy skills that have been developed over the course of their education experience. Grade 10 students have the ability to re-take the Graduation Numeracy Assessment to improve their proficiency score in grades 11 and 12. Only their best proficiency level will be included on their transcript. Student proficiency will be reported on a 4-point scale.

Our school will be hosting Numeracy Assessment sessions for grade 10 students on January 25th and 26th. The majority of the assessment consists of 24 computer scored questions and two written response questions.

Students will be using the school’s Chromebooks as they are not permitted to use their own devices for this assessments. The Chromebooks have been set up by our District IT Department to have secure logins and secure operating systems, as required by the Ministry of Education.

In order to maintain appropriate physical distancing measures and comply with the Ministry of Health’s regulations at this time, we will be conducting these assessments in our Theatre during Session 3 – starting at 12pm (noon) and finishing no later than 3pm The next two Numeracy Assessment sessions are going to be held on:

• Monday, January 25th – Grade 10 students with last names starting with O to S
• Tuesday, January 26th – Grade 10 students with last names starting with T to Z

Students will be physically spaced out by at least 6 feet apart and encouraged to wear a non-medical mask.

Those grade 11 students who did not have an opportunity to write the Numeracy Assessment last year will have an opportunity in June.

Literacy Assessments

We will be hosting multiple sittings of the grade 10 Literacy Assessment in January, April and June. This assessment measures the student’s ability to critically think by analyzing various texts and developing conclusions based on their understanding of these texts. The assessment also measures the ability of students to communicate their ideas. The Literacy Assessment is not based on a particular course, but on learning across multiple subjects from K-10.

Students will complete the assessments online, so we will be using our Chromebook carts and our PC Computer Labs.

The first Literacy Assessment session is scheduled for:

  • Friday, January 29th – Grade 10 students with last names starting with A to F.

Those grade 10 students who do not write the Literacy Assessment in January will complete their assessment in June – the detailed schedule for the June Assessment (June 14th – 23rd) will be advertised later in the Spring.

Grade 12 Literacy Assessment for 2020/2021 School Year has been cancelled. Our current Grade 12 students will not need to write the Literacy Assessment this year. Implementation of the Grade 12 Literacy Assessments have been postponed until the 2021/2022 School Year.

References and Resources

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