School App

Seaquam has an Agenda Application for mobile devices that we encourage students and parents to use to stay informed about the opportunities at our school.~ The Seaquam mobile agenda app is personalized with Seaquam’s calendar, timetable and identity, and has a direct link to the school website. It will also receive push notifications sent by our administrators to remind you of upcoming events, let you know about schedule changes, advise you of school closures, and other news.

Students and parents are encouraged to download the MY SCHOOL Day (Seaquam) app! The app is available on both iOS and Google Play App stores by searching for “MY SCHOOL Day”.~ The first time you start the app you will need to select your school. Choose a province, school district, and finally your school from the lists provided, and tap “confirm”. Once your app is ready for use, you will start receiving our news notifications and you will be able to customize your app features to meet your needs – enter your class schedule, select clubs’ newsfeeds, check for morning announcements, etc.
For further instructions, please visit the following pages:

School App Info

School App Instructions