Flex Time

What is it?

Beginning this September, Flex Time will be a period of instructional time built into Seaquam’s daily schedule. The goal is to empower students by giving them some measure of choice and control over their learning. During the Flex Time, students will be expected to be in a class and working on school work, either individually or in groups, meeting with teachers for support on classwork, or working on projects they are passionate about, under teacher supervision.
Students “own” their learning.

Flex Time acknowledges that students lead busy lives and navigate competing demands for their time in and outside of school. Flex Time will provide students the opportunity to self-direct and engage in their own learning. While some school-wide initiatives might occur during Flex Time, teachers will not be teaching new course material. Teachers will be accessible to students for additional help and guidance on current and ongoing learning. As this is school instruction time, students and teachers are expected to be in a classroom for the entire Flex Time period.

How will it work?

For each session students will sign up for the Flex Time blocks of their choice for the following week. Students can decide based on their needs which Flex Time class will best suit their learning.
Enrollment within each class is capped and attendance is recorded.

  • Flex Time is class time/instructional time.
  • Attendance is mandatory.
  • Students must be in a learning space.
  • Phones are to be used for educational purposes only.