Student Council

Message from Student Council Prime Minister – Sean An

Hello fellow students! My name is Sean An and I am the prime minister of the Seaquam Secondary Student Council of 2016-2017.

Student Council is a proactive club that represents the student body and serves as the bridge of communication between students and teachers. Student Council allows students to voice their thoughts freely and communicate their opinions with others. Student Council organize school events, spirit days, fundraisers and dances in cooperation with other students, faculty members and administrators.

Students of all years are encouraged to join because having representatives from each different grade at student council is the key to a more connected Seaquam. Joining Student Council is beneficial to all students. There are a lot of things that a student can get out of from the experience. For example, Student Council provides students with resources and opportunities to learn and practice leadership. It provides the opportunities not only for students to gather social experience from the various events that student council is holding, but also, students from one grade would be able to make friends with the students from other grades. Overall, the experience of participating in student council is very unforgettable.

Our meeting time is every Thursday at lunch in room 2111. If you would like to join, do not hesitate to come. Please join us, and let’s make this year a year that you will never forget.

Please visit the Student Council website: